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Sandwich Sunday Coming to OPCC

Sandwich Sunday for St. Luke’s Mission of Mercy We are so excited to start a new Mission here at OPCC. We are calling it Sandwich Sunday for St. Luke’s Mission of Mercy.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with St. Luke’s Mission of Mercy, let me tell you a little about their mission. St. Luke’s, on Buffalo’s East side, was purchased by Norm Paolini and Amy Betros over 15 years ago. Led by the love of God and 15 missionaries and a priest, they provide the people of the neighborhood with food, drink, clothing, shelter and prayer. The school, church, convent, and rectory were all purchased so as to provide these services to our brothers and sisters. Used furniture is also distributed to those in need. Our sandwiches will help them provide food to feed over 300 people each day.

In addition, there are two structured programs for men with addictions and young high school aged men who are in need. They also run a school in conjunction with Canisius College. St. Luke’s Mission of Mercy does NOT receive any money from the government. Trus8ng in God’s providence, the ministry depends on dona8ons. God con8nues to bless the work of the Mission by inspiring those who have to share with those who do not.

Pick up a pamphlet and DVD from the table in Narthex on your way out from church. If you take a DVD, please return it the next time you come to church so others may see what St. Luke’s is all about.

We will be doing this mission on the first Sunday of each month. You can bring sandwiches that you make from home that will be taken down to St. Luke’s. Bring them individually wrapped, put them in a bag and write how many there are on the bag. There will be coolers that will be provided until they are taken down to St. Luke’s. Sandwiches can be made of any breads, bagels or rolls, and can be made of meat, or cheese. PLEASE: No condiments. You can make as many as you would like. The church will also be making sandwiches a;er service to be taken down if you wish to join us for a few months.

We will need 2 folks to deliver these sandwiches to St. Luke’s each month. There will be a signup sheet for 6 months at a time in the Narthex on the bulletin board. A map with be provided as to where to take the sandwiches when you get to St. Luke’s.

They need 600 sandwiches a day to feed the men, women, and children that come to their doors. You can make as many as you wish. Whatever we take down will be a blessing to them. Each one of us needs to look at the good of the people around us, asking ourselves, “How can I help.” That’s exactly what Jesus did. He didn’t make it easy for himself by avoiding people’s troubles, but waded right in and helped out. - Romans

If you have any questions please call me. Polly Giordano 675-4387

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